Middle School Humanities Syllabus Grade 6
Ms. Johnson Grade 6 Humanities, Room B204
Mr. Tabbara Grade 6 Humanities, Room B304

This is a brief overview of expectations in the Middle School Humanities department, which includes teachers of Language Arts and Social Studies. Please refer to this document and the Middle School Student Handbook as a reference.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Humanities for 6th grade at AISD is a combination of Language Arts and Social Studies. This means that the novels explored will often be connected to the Social Studies units covered. Writing will be based on the Six Traits writing assessment. Students will use a variety of writing genres throughout the year. The production of personal narratives, expository essays, fictional pieces, and poetry are examples of the writing students will get an opportunity to generate. In addition to writing, students will explore the elements of fiction and will be asked to read at least one novel per quarter. Independent reading will also be a goal of the class. Novels for this year will include: Boy of the Painted Cave, When My Name Was Keoko, and selected short stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Middle School. We will also explore short stories in various genres including SciFi, Fantasy, Mystery, and Horror.

The Social Studies portion of the class is an integrated study of history, geography, and culture with a focus on four main units: Geography, The Rise of Civilizations, Cultural Interactions, and Belief Systems. Students reinforce skills through reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will also engage in individual and group projects, simulations, and other experiential activities. Students will also be required to follow and present current events.

MATERIALS: Students should come to class prepared each day with their three-ring binder, textbooks (if issued), journal, planner, pens and pencils. Binders must be kept organized as instructed in class. A pen drive (USB Stick) is required.

GRADING/EVALUATION OF STUDENT PROGRESS: (The AISD Middle School Humanities department is piloting a new student report/evaluation.) Evaluation of student progress is separated into three categories (Click here to see the criteria for academic achievement):
  • Knowledge & Understanding
  • Skills & Techniques
  • Critical Thinking & Application
Grades will be assigned on a point basis and reflect student achievement. Grades on PowerSchool will be updated at least once in an eight-day cycle.

LEARNER EXPECTATIONS: Learner expectations are based on work habits, ownership of learning, and student behaviors. Comments regarding these expectations will be included in PowerSchool. (Please click here for the criteria for Learner Expectations.)

HOMEWORK: Work is expected to be completed and turned in on time. Missing/Late work will impede student progress and is considered a poor reflection on work habits (see the Learner Expectations below.) Good time management skills are taught, practiced, and expected in this course.
If a homework assignment is required to be printed, it must be done prior to the start of class.

ABSENCES POLICY: In the case of excused absences, students will have an opportunity to make up work and receive full credit for the work missed. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the teachers to make up the work that is missed. Please refer to the Middle School Student Parent handbook for complete information regarding absences.

We're looking forward to working and learning with you!


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